RAFF plastics x Go Ocean

Together towards healthier oceans

By recycling ocean waste starting in 2024 we, RAFF Plastics, contribute to the conservation of the ocean, but there is also a need to actively restore the marine environment. We are trying to contribute to this as well through investing in and supporting Go Ocean, to enable their sustainable growth.

Go Ocean wants to support and accelerate the restoration of coastlines and marine ecosystems, promote the resilience  of our oceans against threats like climate change, and protect marine wildlife habitat.

The impact of the donations collected via this donation page can be followed up transparently via this link

1 customized coral spider (RP)
Coral reefs are restored using coral fragments. By contributing to...
1 mangrove tree (RP)
A mangrove forest is an important piece of the ecosystem...
1 seagrass shoot (RP)
Seagrass meadows are fields of seagrass that sit in shallow...
1 coral fragment (RP)
Coral reefs are restored using coral fragments. By contributing to...

About the partnership

Go Ocean was created in 2023, as a sister to the Belgian tree accelerator Go Forest.

The founding forces behind Go Ocean were Go Forest colleagues Marte Greefs and Sarah Parent. Later, their Go Smart Digital colleague Tim Sterckx joined out of a great motivation to start accelerating ocean restoration in his network as well.

In January 2024, they attracted investor and new shareholder RAFF plastics, bringing in additional expertise, a new network and unstoppable enthusiasm.