Restore the vibrant heartbeat of our coral reefs

Coral reefs are resilient ecosystems found throughout the oceans, from deep, cold waters to shallow, tropical waters. However, because of increased frequency of threats and disturbances, the reefs get damaged and often do not have enough time to naturally repair themselves. With the coral reef restoration projects, we are rebuilding damaged — and expanding healthy — coral reefs, so they can provide all the coral reef ecosystem benefits.

What is a coral reef?

A coral reef is a complex structure of corals and algea. Corals are small animals (also called polyps) that live in dense colonies. These dense colonies of corals, that live in a symbiotic relationship with algea, form the colourful coral reef.

In the restoration, we use a variety of coral species and different nursery and reef restoration methods depending on the location and needs of the reef being restored. All work is done by the local communities that are trained for these techniques and receive an income from maintaining and gardening the ocean the same way they do on land. The projects do not only create an ecological but also social and economic positive impact.

Besides rebuilding the reefs, reducing the local threats, engaging communities and tourists, and bringing more awareness are also very important.

Coral reef benefits

Coral reef threats

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