O'yo for coral reef restoration

Contribute to new coral reefs in Indonesia

Though coral reefs occupy less than 2% of the ocean floor, they provide crucial food and shelter for approximately one-quarter of all ocean species. Reality is that, the current outlook for coral reefs is not looking good. Destructive fishing practices, pollution, warming and changing ocean chemistry are just some of the many threats coral reefs are facing today.

O’yo wants to support the restoration of coral reefs in Indonesia with Go Ocean and inspire others to do so as well! As a customer of O’yo, you can support this project and have a positive impact in the ocean!

The impact of the donations collected via this donation page can be followed up transparently via this link

Contribution to O’yo coral reef restoration
Support coral reef restoration in Indonesia. For every 250 EUR...

Keep the sea plastic free

There you are, in the Indian Ocean, on your surfboard, an idyllic view of the island and palm trees and a beach full of plastic rubbish, waiting for the next wave. I look behind me again and see a small wave coming off in the distance that looks promising. I paddle, but lose focus, what is suddenly floating on my board? A used disposable diaper! Momentarily upset, I lost my paddling power and missed the wave.

At that moment, I decided that if I will ever have children, I would use reusable diapers. This was not something I wanted to contribute to. I would make my children very aware about plastic waste and the impact on our ocean and planet. At home, I constantly try to look for sustainable alternatives, and for example, use bags of laundry nuts for my laundry, I had an EWO water filter installed. 

I also haven’t washed my hair with shampoo for a long time, I use a dry Ayurvedic herbal blend that I leave on my hair like a mask. Also, you will no longer find shower gel with me, but I use a powder that you have to mix with water in a reusable bottle. And so on.

‘Go Ocean’ is an initiative started in Belgium to create awareness about the health of our oceans and accelerate the restoration of marine ecosystems.

As you know, sustainability is also at the heart of O’YO and so we fully support initiatives like this one. We ourselves try to keep our plastic consumption to a minimum throughout the year. Thus, all our take-away packaging is recyclable and we also offer the option of using reusable packaging such as from FUTURE PROOF.

But fair is fair, when you have a brunch bar, reducing plastic remains a very difficult puzzle. To guarantee the freshness and quality of our products, we are sometimes forced to resort to plastic packaging.

While plastic management is an important part of the solution, our sustainability policy goes further than just that. Minimizing waste, choosing the best local partners, using the highest quality ingredients produced in a sustainable way, etc.. In everything we do at O’YO, we keep an eye on our ecological footprint.

Thus, we prioritize not only the health of our customers, but also of our planet.

There is no Planet B.

Are you doing your bit too? Next time you come to o’yo for take away, be sure to ask about our reusable packaging, or bring your own take away coffee cup. Soon, you will also be able to buy reusable coffee cups in o’yo.