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Your time to transmit energy for wave one ends in…


Welcome to our Wave Program.

During 2024, we will vitalize three waves, each one dedicated to one specific ecosystem, celebrating its unique characteristics. With each wave comes a special package for our Wave Drivers – we make it (Go) Ocean exclusive!

During these three waves, we are looking for minimum 50 companies who want to become Wave Drivers and bring marine ecosystem restoration to a completely different impact-level. We aim to bring together like-minded people to combine our energies and make waves that actually matter.


Wave 1

Underwater gardens of life.

On March 1st, we celebrated World Seagrass Day and kicked off our first wave focusing on seagrass meadow restoration in Scotland and running throughout Earth Month in April.

Today, we face a pressing need for seagrass as it excels in carbon absorption, cleaning our waters, nurturing fish populations, and so on. Yet, these invaluable ecosystems are under threat from coastal development, pollution, and destructive fishing practices. With an estimated decline of 92% from their historic extent, and a football pitch-sized meadow disappearing every half hour, our first wave is focused on reversing this rapid decline.

  • DIRECT positive impact on biodiversity, habitat, carbon sequestration, and water quality.
  • Your logo on the field and UNIQUE branded marketing material in Scotland.
  • FREE participation in our beach clean-up event on June 8, 2024 (in collaboration with Utopia Events).
  • FREE personal impact dashboard and access to the Go Ocean brandbook.
  • … your choice of package might unlock more features!

1st of March – 8th of June 2024

Discover the specific restoration goals and participation packages for wave 1 below.


Wave 2

Vibrant cities of the ocean.

From World Ocean Day on, we change our energy focus and level up coral reef restoration in Nusa Penida, Indonesia.

Though coral reefs occupy less than 2% of the ocean floor, they provide crucial food and shelter for approximately one-quarter of all ocean species. It’s quite remarkable, isn’t it? Reality is that, the current outlook for coral reefs is not looking good. Destructive fishing practices, pollution, warming and changing ocean chemistry are just some of the many threats coral reefs are facing today. We are losing more coral than we can imagine, so with our second wave we want to do the unimaginable and transplant a significant amount of corals.

  • DIRECT positive impact on biodiversity and habitat, coastal protection, and local communities.
  • Personalized coral spiders and UNIQUE marketing material.
  • FREE tickets to our coral themed summer outdoor cinema.
  • FREE personal impact dashboard and access to the Go Ocean brandbook.

9th of June – 9th of September 2024


Wave 3

Coming soon

Leaving summer behind, we prepare ourselves for one last energy boost in 2024…

Coming soon

10th of September – 31st of December 2024

Restoration goals for wave 1

During each wave, we focus your energy on one specific marine ecosystem – while also taking care of others. For wave 1, we attribute 60% of your energy to seagrass meadows, 20% to coral reefs and 20% to mangroves.

We set up very specific ecosystem restoration goals:

Participation packages for wave 1

Waves are created by energy passing through water. As a wave driver you can decide for yourself how much energy you can give back to our ocean. Choose your package!



€1,000 or more

  • 75 seagrass plants
  • 1 coral spider
  • 66 mangroves


*amount is excl. VAT


€2,500 or more

  • 187 seagrass plants
  • 2 coral spiders
  • 166 mangroves


*amount is excl. VAT



€5,000 or more

  • 375 seagrass plants
  • 4 coral spiders
  • 333 mangroves
  • 1 blue awareness session at location of choice


*amount is excl. VAT

Deep diver

€10,000 or more

  • 750 seagrass plants
  • 8 coral spiders
  • 666 mangroves
  • 1 blue awareness session at location of choice
  • Possibility to scale up restoration work and make more impact


*amount is excl. VAT

If you choose to participate in all three waves as dedicated Wave Driver, you can expect even more benefits!

A short recap

Choose your wave(s)
Explore our three waves and select the ones that best fit your company - wave 1, 2, or 3 (but be careful, openings are limited). Additionally, dedicated Wave Drivers joining all three waves can expect even more benefits!
Choose the package matching your energy level
As a Wave Driver you can choose for yourself how much energy you can give back to the ocean - but we have to be honest, our oceans need a lot of energy to bounce back.
Enjoy your exclusive (Go) Ocean package
Involve your stakeholders, share your impact with your network, and meet fellow Wave Drivers during our celebration event.
Track your impact
Sea your impact through your personal impact dashboard - we'll give regular updates!

Why does this program exist?

With this program, Go Ocean wants to intensify the power of waves to create positive change in our oceans. Waves, the dynamic force of nature, are not merely the result of water movement, but the transmission of energy across vast expanses of ocean. We recognize waves as more than just a natural phenomenon – they represent the potential for transformation and renewal in marine ecosystems.

With 70% of the Earth’s surface covered by water, the scope of our challenges are immense, yet so too is the opportunity for meaningful change. By setting up specific marine restoration goals, we hope to speed up the progress and help our ocean now we still can.